Jay Peak is the fifth largest resort in Vermont, which is no small claim to fame, given the resorts and mountains in the state. It’s also one of the oldest resorts in the country, opening in 1957. With so much history and so many features, it’s easy to see why Jay Peak is one of the favorite places to ski in Vermont. Still, you know that getting out onto these slopes means that you’ll need a lift ticket. Lift tickets can get expensive as the following list of walk-up prices for the 2015-2016 ski season shows. However, there’s no reason for you to pay that much, especially not when discount Jay Peak lift tickets are so easy to get.

Rule One for Saving

The number one rule when it comes to saving money on your lift tickets is to skip paying the walk-up price at the window. That price you see is the highest price for lift tickets anywhere. The resort counts on visitors not getting their tickets elsewhere and accepting the walk-up price as the price of admission. You don’t have to pay that price, so let us help you save and keep your hard-earned money in your wallet where it belongs.

So How to Save

Saving money on your lift tickets at Jay Peak is as easy as checking with us to get the best discount. As soon as you know you’re going skiing, hit us up and check for the best savings on discount Jay Peak lift tickets.  We will always list all of the most current discounts and savings for when you’re going skiing at Jay Peak and continue to update as changes come around. After all, the more information you have, the better you can plan your vacation and the more money you’ll save to spend on other fun apres-ski events around the mountain.

If you can’t find something that suits your needs, it’s possible to get discount Jay Peak lift tickets through other means. Vacationers like you often find great success in going through ski-and-stay packages. These collaborations package discount or even free lift tickets with the cost of a hotel. You’re going to need to stay somewhere while you ski, why not get a bonus too? Other ways to save also include purchasing multi-day tickets. While the savings with multi-day tickets isn’t as great as if you prepurchased them, they’re still a way to save and keep money in your pocket.

Half-Day Tickets

Half-day tickets are a honeypot trap. They seem like a good idea, especially if you’re running late and you don’t have tickets already. After all, you save a few bucks, and you only lose out on half the day of skiing. However, think about that. You’re at Jay Peak to ski, right? How much is your vacation time really worth? Isn’t it worth more than the small amount you’re saving in comparison to the time on the snow you’re giving up? Not to mention, morning skiing is prime time, before everyone has packed the new powder down. Bottom line, unless you get to the slopes just before or after cutoff, get the full day ticket and enjoy your vacation.