What Middlebury College Snow Bowl lacks in number of trails, it makes up for it in charm. The smaller mountain offers ski hills for all skill levels. Skiers and snowboarders will definitely find the kind of hills they are looking for at this mountain. The best way to enjoy your next vacation to Middlebury College Snow Bowl is by finding discount Middlebury College Snow Bowl lift tickets. Listed below you will find the lift tickets from the 2015/2016 ski season for your reference.

Many ways to save

Skiing can be a very expensive sport, the owners of Middlebury College Snow Bowl recognize that. They offer great prices heavy discounts on lift tickets to certain age groups. Children under six years old and adults over seventy all ski for very low prices! But what happens for everyone else in between? Finding discount Middlebury College Snow Bowl lift tickets is definitely something everyone is interested in and we can help you. As soon as you know you will be travelling to Middlebury College Snow Bowl make sure to check with us. We stay up to date with the latest savings to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Half-day tickets are not so great

Half-day tickets are often a go-to for skiers and snowboarders who want to save money. This is not a good idea because you will have to sacrifice some quality time on snow in an already very short season. Purchasing half-day tickets does not necessarily mean you will be getting discount Middlebury College Snow Bowl lift tickets. With the purchase of a half-day lift ticket at Middlebury College Snow Bowl, skiers and snowboarders are forced to wait until after three before getting on the slopes. Seasoned skiers know that morning skiing has the best snow. Consider the amount of time you will have to waste before getting out on the slopes. Even when it comes time to you finally getting to the slopes, you will only have a few hours before the sun goes down and you are skiing in the dark. Don’t sacrifice good skiing for saving a bit of money. Do your research before heading to the mountain to find discount Middlebury College Snow Bowl lift tickets.

Do not forget!

With so many ways to save, you are sure to have a great vacation. Always make sure to dress warmly and check the weather before going out for the day. Don’t forget safety on the mountain either. Wearing a helmet may not always look the coolest but being safe while on the mountain is not something to take lightly. Make the vacation a positive one to remember.