Q Burke is one of the most famous mountains in Vermont, home to the Burke Mountain Academy. This mountain has trained and groomed a lot of Olympic skiers and many still return to their roots to ski the acres of classic Vermont skiing here. For you to get out onto the slopes, you need a lift ticket, however. The walk up window pricing for Q Burke is listed below.

Saving Money on Lift Tickets

While the walk up pricing at Q Burke isn’t that onerous, there are ways to save and get discount Q Burke Mountain lift tickets. One key way to save is to avoid paying the walk-up price at the ski area. That’s because the price at the window is the highest price for lift tickets you’ll find anywhere. Resorts like Q Burke rely on visitors arriving without prepurchasing tickets and paying the window price as a normal price of admission. Don’t do this. There are multiple ways of saving money and getting discount Q Burke Mountain lift tickets.

The Best Way to Save

By far, the easiest way to get lift tickets on the cheap is to make your plans as far in advance as you can. Prepurchasing lift tickets gets you amazing discounts, and in general, the farther ahead you get your tickets, the better the savings will be. With our help, you can get the best deals on discount Q Burke Mountain lift tickets available. We are constantly updating our database so you know you’ll have the most up-to-date information where savings is concerned. Moreover, the more money you save, the more cash you’ll have for other fun activities on and around the mountain.

Saving Other Ways

It can happen that you don’t find a discount for a day you like, whether it’s because of a holiday blackout or because you’re traveling at the last minute. If so, don’t panic; there are other ways to get discount Q Burke Mountain lift tickets. Take advantage of ski-and-stay packages in the nearby town of East Burke. This is when the mountain collaborates with local hotels to provide discounted or even free lift tickets when you get a room there. It’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone, getting lodging with the tickets you need. Other ways to save include getting multiday tickets and taking advantage of active duty military discounts.

About Half-Day Tickets

Sometimes you forget to get your discount Q Burke Mountain lift tickets and you show up at the resort an hour or two after opening. You see that you can save a few bucks by waiting until 12:30pm and getting a half-day ticket. This is a bad idea. You came to the mountain to ski, not sit around and watch other people ski. Your time is worth more than the few bucks you’re going to save. Unless you get to the mountain just before or after the cutoff time, get the full day ticket and enjoy your vacation.