Any ski resort is more than happy to take care of your Vermont ski rentals. But before they pay more than they need to, most skiers in the Green Mountain State find ways to save on their equipment before heading out to the slopes. And because the rentals are only part of the cost of a ski trip, the more you save, the better.

Saving Money on Vermont Ski Rentals

The single best way to save money on your Vermont ski rentals is to make your plans well in advance. Try to reserve your skis at least two weeks in advance to guarantee the biggest savings. At the Vermont Ski Authority, we’re regularly able to save people around 20 percent on their rentals. Put our research to work for you and save not only money but time as well.

Remember, if you rent from the resort counter, you are going to pay the highest price in the area. You’re not just paying for the convenience of renting at the resort; you’re also paying for the resort ambiance. Before you step up to the counter, stop in town and check out the ski shops. Most of them will have gear for rent that is on par with what you’ll find at the resort.

For example, Killington offers ski packages for $47 per day. However, stop in at Root’s Rentals, which is only minutes from the resort, you can get the same basic package for only $15 per day, with every fifth day free. Over a week, that’s a total savings of over two hundred dollars ($329 vs. $90).

What’s the Difference between Resort and Shop Gear?

Given the price difference, you might think that there’s a huge quality difference in gear you get from the resort versus the gear you get from a local shop. In fact, that’s not usually the case. In the previous Killington example, the skis offered at Killington are Rossignol and Elan brands. In contrast, the gear at Root’s is Elan Exar, the same manufacturer, just slightly different models.

When renting gear, you should consider purchasing a helmet. This is better for you from a sanitary and safety standpoint. For helmets, it is best that you know where your helmet has been. It also makes sense economically if you plan to ski more than ten days in your lifetime. The average helmet rental is $10 per day, while the cost of a new helmet is only $80 to $100.

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