Killington is one of the East Coast’s premiere ski resorts and a ski-cation of a lifetime. That also means it can get expensive. Smart vacationers know that there are ways to save money, and one key area is with your ski gear. When you factor in the cost of both purchasing the gear and traveling with it, most people find renting to be a more viable option. Still, even with as much money as you save by renting, you can save even more on your Killington ski rentals with just a couple of tips.

Say No to the Resort Window

If you really want to save money when renting your gear, you want to reserve it as soon as you can. When you know you’re going skiing at Killington, check with us for the best deals on Killington ski rentals. We can help you save up to twenty percent on all your gear. And don’t forget that when you let us help you book online, you’re not just saving money, you’re saving time as well. No standing in the pesky lines to get sized and outfitted. You just grab your gear and get out on the slopes.

To be sure, you don’t want to rent your gear at the resort window. Renting there is a surefire way to pay the maximum rate for your Killington ski rentals. You’re paying for the convenience at that point, and there’s no need to throw your money away. For example, a basic ski package at the resort will run $47 per day. In town, Root’s Ski and Board Shop offers a similar package for only $24.95 per day. That’s not a fluke, either. Forerunner Ski Shop also rents a 1 day basic package for a flat $25. Over the course of a week’s vacation, that’s over $150 you can save.

Shop vs. Resort Equipment

If the local shops are only charging half of what the resort is for Killington ski rentals, the equipment must be half as good, right? Not at all. Root’s basic package has Elan ERise skis, while Forerunner’s basic package has Rosignol skis and boots. The resort is charging you a higher price for the convenience of having their gear onsite. While it is nice not to have to pack your gear to the resort, with that much money being saved per person, you can almost afford to hire someone to carry your skis for you.

We would also like to remind you to make sure you wear a helmet. Increasing numbers of skiers are buying their own helmets, as that just makes more economic sense in the long run. Whether you choose to buy or rent, cover your melon. Helmets save lives every year in skiing. Protect your noggin.

Top Companies for Vermont Ski Rentals

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Root’s Ski and Board Shop

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