Magic Mountain is a great place to ski. This smaller resort offers a laid back and friendly atmosphere that can be a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of the larger nearby Okemo and Stratton resorts. You will still need skis when you get there, and chances are you aren’t going to be bringing your own. Renting is a very viable option now; gone are the days of rickety old skis on their last legs. Modern rental shops feature the latest gear and often the best prices. Here are some tips on how to save even more on your Magic Mountain ski rentals.

Saving Even More by Renting Smartly

If you’re looking to save more money on your gear, reserve it as early as you can. As soon as you know you’re going to Magic Mountain, check with us and get your gear. With our help, you can save up to 20 percent on most of your gear. And by booking online, you save time as well as money. When you reserve your Magic Mountain ski rentals ahead of time, you can just stop by the shop, pick up your gear and head to the slopes.

While it isn’t necessary to book in advance to get rental gear (the resorts aren’t going to run out), if you pay the walk upresort window price, you’re really just throwing money away. For example, the daily rate for your basic Magic Mountain ski rentals package (skis, poles, and boots) is $40. Book in advance with us and you can save 20 percent, which over a week, adds up to over $50. Smaller offsite shops can also rent you gear for less. Norse House Ski and Sport in nearby Bondville will rent a similar package for only $29.95 per day.

Equipment Differences

There really is no difference between the gear you get at rental shops and your Magic Mountain ski rentals, despite the pricing. Additionally, both the smaller shops and the resort offer upgrades to demo packages. A demo package allows you to try out the latest models of skis without paying thousands of dollars to buy them. It’s a great deal, especially if you’re looking to make the jump into buying your own equipment.

One last thing while we’re talking about gear. Remember to always wear a helmet while you’re on the slopes. Helmets save lives every year in extreme sports. You might find it frugal to buy a helmet, especially if you’re going to be skiing more than a couple of weeks in your life. Helmets are easy to pack and fit easily in luggage. So, no matter if you’re renting or buying, always wear a helmet.

Top Companies for Vermont Ski Rentals

Norse House Ski and Sport

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