Ski vacations have started to become increasingly popular ways to spend those two weeks of hard earned vacation time across the United States. Mount Snow in Vermont has also become one of those destinations that draw more and more visitors. If you’re heading to the Snow, you’re probably curious about what your options are for Mount Snow ski rentals and how you can make the most of your money. We’re here to help. We have the connections and the information to bring you the very best deals and save the most.

Hitting Snow for Less

One of the best things about letting us help you get your Mount Snow ski rentals is that you know we’ve done all your shopping and looking around for you. With our relationships that we have with the rental shops, we know the best prices. Additionally, because of those connections, we can save you money off of the advertised rate. Sometimes up to 20 percent off those rates. Let us help make your ski vacation even less stressful. We’ll get you the Mount Snow ski rentals you need and keep some of that hard earned money in your pocket.

Keep in mind that the resort isn’t the only place to get your gear. Often, you can save a bundle by renting off site. The gear is the same or comparable. The trade-off is that you’re giving up the convenience of having your gear picked up and stored slope-side. However in most cases, the savings on your Mount Snow ski rentals is more than enough to offset that minor inconvenience.

For example, a standard ski rental package at the resort has an advertised price starting at $41 per day. There’s a tiered discount, so if you rent for a full seven days, the cost comes down to $197, or about $25 and change per day. However, if you go a couple of minutes south along SR100, you can get skis at World Class Ski & Sport. Their daily rate starts at $29 and drops from there, so a full seven day rental ends up costing $148.80. That’s fifty bucks that stays in your pocket. Whether that’s worth carrying your own skis to the slopes and having to return them when you’re done is up to you.

Some Packing Tips

While saving money on your Mount Snow ski rentals is great, it’s not the only place you can save. Think about all the sundries that you have to pack to make your vacation run smoothly. While those things can be had cheaply at your local superstore, the price you will pay for them at the resort will be double or even triple your normal cost. So, that means you should plan ahead and bring things you might not think of. Things like batteries, lotion, even chapstick and sunscreen are all things that you will definitely need out on the slopes. You should also consider packing Advil or Tylenol; after all, the slopes are going to leave you a little sore. Trust us on this.

There are some areas, however, where you shouldn’t skimp just to be thrifty. One of these is your socks. Yeah, we know; socks aren’t the most amazing thing. At least not until you’ve spent a day on the slopes in ordinary white cotton athletic socks and get back to your room with sore and frozen feet. Normal socks are too thick for your ski boot to fit properly and they don’t wick away sweat, they absorb it. Spend a little extra on good ski socks made from merino wool. They’re thin, but warm, and they pull sweat away from your skin where your boot liner can absorb it. Once you’ve felt the difference, you’ll know.

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