Pico Mountain is one of those resorts that everyone should ski in their lifetime. And considering the number of visitors it draws each year, everyone tries. If you’re going to brave the steeps of Pico, you’re going to need the right gear, which means you need the skinny on Pico Mountain ski rentals. Never fear, we’ve got you covered. With our help, you’ll not only get the best gear for your trip, but we’ll help you save some hard earned cash as well.

Pico on a Budget

When it comes to saving money on your Pico Mountain ski rentals, your best bet is to let us help you. When you rent through us, you’re still getting the same great equipment as if you went to the shops directly, but we can get you a discount of up to 20 percent off your gear. With that kind of savings combined with how easy we make it to get your Pico Mountain ski rentals, there’s no reason not to let us help.

Another way to save money is to skip renting from the resort and rent off site. For example, a standard rental at Pico is going to cost $42 for the first day and $40 for every day after that. That means a standard five day ski trip is going to cost about $200 for the gear per person (before we help you get that discount). In contrast, if you head just down the road to Root’s Ski & Board Shop, you can save a bundle. A comparable Elan Explore package is going to cost just $30 per day, which means you’re saving at least $50 over the course of that trip. There are other packages that are even less expensive, some as low as $15 per day. It pays to let us shop around for you.

Some Closing Tips

When it comes to getting your Pico Mountain ski rentals, we’d like to think we have you covered head to toe. In keeping with that, we’d like to give you some advice on helmets and socks. Of course you know you should wear a helmet. Did you know that if you’re going to be skiing more than two weeks in your entire life, it actually makes more sense fiscally to buy a helmet than rent it? Bear with us. Your average helmet rental runs between five and ten dollars per day, but you can buy a brand new helmet for only about a hundred bucks. Plus, helmets are pretty easy to pack in your luggage, so you aren’t going to pay extra for travel.

As far as your socks go, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can get away with those plain white cotton ones you wear to the gym. The problem with those socks is that they are too thick for your boots to fit properly and they don’t keep your feet dry. Wet and sweaty feet in freezing conditions with poorly fitting boots are a recipe for a bad time. So get yourself a few pairs of ski socks. They are made out of either a synthetic blend or merino wool, so they’re thin enough to keep your boot fitting well and wick moisture away from your feet to the boot lining. It’s a difference you’ll notice.

Here are some ski rental shops located near Pico:

Root’s Ski & Board Shop: http://www.rootsrentals.com/rental-rates.html

Aspen East: http://www.aspeneast.com/rental.php

Potter Brothers: https://www.potterbrothers.com/rentals/