Virtually anyone who follows skiing knows about the famous Q Burke Academy and its illustrious alumni. If you aren’t familiar, let’s just say that there has been many an Olympian who has cut their teeth on these slopes and trees. If you’re heading to northeast Vermont to see what the fuss is all about, you’re going to need skis, and that means renting. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered on all the prices for Q Burke Mountain ski rentals including how you can stretch your hard earned dollars.

Skiing Burke on Less

The cost for your Q Burke Mountain ski rentals at the resort is going to start at $37 per day. Longer rentals will get you a little more of a discount with a 3-day rate going for $90. This means that a five day rental is going to cost about $150, give or take. However, with our help, we can make sure you save even more on your gear. We’ve built relationships with the shops, so we get the inside line on all the best deals.

Another way of saving even more on your Q Burke Mountain ski rentals is to rent off site. You’ll end up saving money which can often offset the inconvenience of having to travel with your skis. For example, at the Village Sport Shop in Lyndonville, just a short distance from the mountain, you can get a full 7-day rental for $150, or if you want a demo package, for $220. For high performance skis, this is the only option in the area and is a great deal at only about $31 per day, just a smidge more than you’d pay for the regular package at the resort.

A Closing Note

While there are many ways to save money on your ski vacation, the most effective has always been to plan ahead. This applies to your Q Burke Mountain ski rentals, but also to lift tickets, hotel rooms, travel and more. It also saves you money on your little things as well. Consider the small things that you have to bring on your trip to make it enjoyable.  Things like pain reliever for those rough first couple of days and mornings while you’re getting used to the mountain, and chapstick and sunscreen so your face doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off after a few runs down the slopes. Those are items that you should buy and pack to bring with you, because you don’t want to pay resort prices for them. Why spend $3 on a tube of chapstick, after all. Here are some other things that you should pack to avoid spending more than you need to.

  • Lotion: While you might not think you’ll need this, after a long day on the slopes, your hands, face and feet will thank you for it.
  • Ski Socks: Merino wool makes these socks thin enough to let your ski boots fit correctly, but warm enough so you don’t freeze your toes off.
  • Hand warmers: Nothing is so cozy as a warm hand, especially on a long quad ride up the mountain.
  • Batteries: Whether it’s for your off-piste survival gear or just your backup alarm clock, a spare set of AA’s is never a bad thing to have.

While there’s sure to be more you can think of, this list should get you started on the way to a great ski vacation.

Here are the two local ski rental shops to Q Burke:

East Burke Sports: 

Village Sport Shop: