Stowe is one of the premiere destinations for a ski-cation in Vermont, and chances are that you’re going to rent your skis when you get there. With skis costing almost a thousand dollars and airlines charging more and more to travel with skis, it’s a more frugal option for many to rent. However, even if you’re renting, you can still save even more on your Stowe ski rentals with just a couple of tips.

Avoid the Resort

The best way to save money  on your Stowe ski rentals is remembering that you don’t ever want to pay the walkup price from the resort counter. Resorts charge more for their rentals at the counter because you’re going to pay a premium for the convenience. As soon as you know you’re heading to Stowe, get online and check with us. We can help you save up to twenty percent on all your gear rentals. And when you book online, you don’t just save money, you save time as well. No more standing in lines waiting to get gear.

The money you can save by reserving online with a non-resort shop can also be significant. For example, a single day’s basic ski package is $53 at Stowe. In contrast, Stowe Sports offers a similar package for only $39 per day. If you plan on skiing for a week, that’s a total savings of almost $100 per person by renting offsite versus your Stowe ski rentals.

What About the Gear?

How is it that the smaller shops can afford to rent gear for such a low price? Is it because the gear they offer is inferior than that of the resorts? Not at all. Going off of the above example, the Stowe Sports pacakge includes K2 All Mountain Skis. This covers a huge range of skis that are perfect for beginner to intermediate skiers with excellent float, solid maneuverability and great edge grip. If you want the absolute latest models, both resort and shops offer demo packages which allow you to ride on this years models. The cost is going to go up, but the savings is still comparable ($44 vs. $63 per day).

Wherever you rent your gear, don’t forget the most important piece. Get a helmet. A helmet isn’t an integral part of your Stowe ski rentals because many skiers own their own helmets. You may find that it’s a better deal to buy a helmet rather than rent, especially if you’re going to ski more than two weeks in your life. Helmets are also easy to pack and fit nicely in a suitcase. Whether you buy or rent, protect your noggin. Helmets save lives on the slopes, and we want you skiing for many years to come.

Top Companies for Vermont Ski Rentals

Umiak Outdoor Outfitter

Stowe Sports

Pinnacle Ski and Sports

Mountain Ops Outdoor Gear