Stratton is a great place for a ski-cation, but if you’re traveling there from out of state, you’re probably going to rent your ski gear. Airlines are making it prohibitively expensive to travel with skis, charging over $100 in baggage fees each way. Renting skis has come a long way from the horror stories of old. Nowadays, ski rentals offer the latest and greatest gear that suit everyone from the casual skier to the veteran. Don’t make the mistake of paying resort prices for your Stratton ski rentals, however. Here’s a couple of ways to ensure you save as much money as possible.

It’s All in the Planning

Saving money takes planning. When you start planning your vacation, you’re going to make reservations for lodging, get your lift tickets, and plan your travel. While you’re doing that, check with us and reserve your Stratton ski rentals as well. With our help, you can save up to 20 percent. Booking online with us doesn’t just save you money, it also saves you time. There’s no standing in line waiting to get fitted, you simply stop by the shop, and get your gear. A couple of minutes to make sure everything fits and you’re out to the slopes.

If you forget to reserve in advance, you can always rent offsite. We have the leads on those deals too. Just don’t pay the walk up price for your Stratton ski rentals. Once you’re there, the resort knows that you’re willing to pay what you have to to ski, but you don’t have to. Fore example, a 1-day rental for a basic ski package runs $55 at Stratton, and six days will cost $220. The Norse House, which is located minutes from the resort only charges $29.95 per day and six days is $169.70.

Changes in Equipment

You probably wonder how the smaller shops can charge almost half of what your equivalent Stratton ski rentals cost. Are they giving you inferior equipment? Absolutely not. The local shops don’t charge as much because they are pricing themselves competitively. The resorts are simply charging you for the convenience of having your skis slopeside so you don’t have to carry them in. However, a fifty dollar savings per person is worth the inconvenience.

While talking about ski rentals, there is one thing that you should always have on your list. Helmets save lives, so make sure you get one. A helmet isn’t included in most ski bundles because a lot of people find it more economical in the long run to just buy one. Whether you choose to buy or rent, just make sure you get one and protect yourself on the slopes.

Top Companies for Vermont Ski Rentals

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