When you decide to hit the slopes at Sugarbush, you can be assured that they’re willing to rent you ski equipment as well. You shouldn’t pay those resort prices, however. With our help, you can save money on those Sugarbush ski rentals.

Saving Money Takes Planning

The best way to save money on Sugarbush ski rentals is to plan ahead. Like lift tickets, you don’t want to find yourself at the resort window, paying  walkup resort prices. Try to book your gear as soon as you know you’re going skiing. In fact, let us help you and we can get you a savings of up to 20 percent on your gear. Another thing that booking online does is let you shop around. Once you’ve reserved your equipment online, you just swing by the shop on your way to the slopes. You aren’t just saving money, you’re saving time.

If you find yourself at the resort counter about to pay the window price for your Sugarbush ski rentals, you should know that you’re just tossing money away. The resort knows that you just want to ski, so you’re going to pay whatever they charge. Don’t do this. As an example, Sugarbush will rent you a  basic ski package for $252 for seven days. Just a few minutes away in Montpelier, Slopestyle Ski & Ride will rent you the same package for only $175. That’s $80 you’re saving on gear for the week per person.

Rental Equipment

So, you’re probably curious if there’s a difference in Sugarbush ski rentals when you get them at the resort versus the smaller shops. The answer is no, there’s no real difference. Rental shops update their gear every couple of years to cater to skiers who aren’t into the high performance category. However, there are shops who do offer demo-rentals, where you can take this year’s models and boots out onto the snow. Essentially, the higher prices at the resorts are just because you’re getting the gear at the resort.

One additional thing. We always advocate helmet rentals. Helmets save lives in any sort of sport, and skiing is no different. It may be worth it, depending on how much you plan on skiing to invest in your own helmet versus renting. Considering that a daily rental runs about $10 and a new helmet only costs about $150, many skiers do buy their own. However you decide, make sure to cover your noggin.

Top Companies for Vermont Ski Rentals

Infinite Sports

Clearwater Sports

Vermont North Ski Shops

Ole’s Cross Country Center

Slopestyle Ski & Ride