For anyone who lives in the Northeastern portion of Vermont, Mount Snow is the closet major ski resort. This is a pretty big deal for people living in busy metro areas to be able to drive such a short distance to such a gorgeous ski resort. The Mount Snow was founded back in 1954 by Walter Schoenknecht who is a member of the National Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame. It didn’t take long for Mount Snow to become recognized as one of the best ski resorts on the planet.

The History

Today, this ski resort has been purchased by Peak Resorts. The company has invented more than $25 million into enhancing the ski resort since the year 2007. The enhancements this money purchased included 250 output fan guns (giving the resort more fan guns than any other resort in the United States). The investment also yielded nearly 650 low-energy snow guns. The snow guns resulted in Mount Snow being one of the most efficient resorts at making snow in the ski industry. Mount Snow is also recognized for being the home of Bluebird Express. Bluebird Express is the very first six passenger bubble lift in the East.

The Terrain

Technical tree, steep black diamonds, and long cruisers are what you can come to expect as you are enjoying the gorgeous terrain Mount Snow offers. The ski area is equipped with a super pipe and eight freestyle terrain parks. There are 12 lifts in the ski area that give you access to various terrain. This includes the Bluebird Express which you have to try at least once during your visit at the Mount Snow Resort.

On the North Face, there are two lifts and twelve trails for advanced riders and skiers to enjoy. On sunnier days, the South Face of the mountain features 10 different trails and 2 lifts. There is even a great open-trail for riding and skiing on the south side of the mountain. Mount Snow is constantly bragging about offering an incredible terrain park and being one of the best snow parks in the East.

Fortunately, the fun does not end when that sun starts to melt. There are tons of summer activities you can enjoy at Mount Snow as well. This includes scenic rides on the chairlifts, hiking, biking, and camping. Regardless of what season it is, the Mount Snow is a great place for you to take a vacation. You are guaranteed to have a great time.