Visiting Pico Mountain can be an exciting time for everyone. Not only can you make the most of the vacation that you plan out, but it’s too easy to ensure everyone visiting is happy, comfortable and gets enough sleep during their time away from home. This can be done through the right Pico Mountain lodging options that you choose to go with. Know what is both on the mountain side, and near the mountain so you can be one of the first ones on the slopes each day.

Stay Right On the Mountain

Pico Mountain provides rooms and suites to anyone that wishes to stay with them right on the mountain. With many amenities that the visitor can use when they are staying, it is a favorite place of locals and guests to the area. You can enjoy the indoor pool, free parking and the fact that they are completely family friendly for those that wish to bring kids to their next skiing adventure. There is also a gym in the lodge area, so you can work on your muscles before hitting the slopes.

Another great thing to know is these suites are fully functional with kitchenettes in them, as well as large, comfortable beds. These rooms provide the comfort and cleanliness you’d expect from such a high-end mountain resort. If you’re choosing to stay with a few different people, larger rooms with more bedrooms are available upon request so that your party can stay together.

Hotels Located Off the Mountain

As with many of the popular mountain resorts throughout the Vermont area, there are also many places that you can spend your time that is off the mountain. If you prefer to check out the rates offered for many of these hotels and inns, then consider these recommended options for Pico Mountain lodging.

The Butternut Inn and Pancake House is a favorite for so many because of their high-quality breakfast menu, including their world knew pancakes that they serve. If you want a delicious breakfast before you hit the slopes, then this is where you want to make sure to go. Enjoy all that it provides you with, including comfortable, clean rooms and Internet and cable in each one. Bring the kids and enjoy your stay.

The North Star Lodge provides users with the Pico Mountain lodging that they can love with its rustic appeal. With comfortable, home-like room setups and affordable prices. You can bring the whole family for a quiet experience after a long day of hitting the slopes and getting more out of the skiing adventure you want to take.

With so much to offer, Pico Mountain is a favorite place to vacation for all those who come to the Vermont area. Enjoy the Pico Mountain lodging options and ensure that you choose a space that is big enough for the entire party to enjoy. This is your vacation and you should be comfortable and happy with the outcome. Choose wisely and hit the slopes today!