Suicide Six is known for some of the longest, hardest and roughest skiing terrains. They provide high-flying action when it comes to hitting the slopes and making the most of the time that you spend in the area. When visiting this resort, you will need to look into the Suicide Six lodging options both on and off the mountain. There are many places offered so you will be able to find something to accommodate your entire group, even if you’re bringing a lot of people with you.

Stay Right On the Mountain

Even though this is not completely on the mountain, the Woodstock Inn and Resort provides you with a way to be just a mile off the track. This inn has been around for years, right along with the mountain itself. With many modern and updated features throughout the rooms and common areas, it is a favorite place for so many families to take their vacations.

This cheerful retreat provides a full breakfast for each of their guests staying with them, so you can be prepared with all the energy necessary to take on the slopes ahead. Free wi-fi is available in each of the rooms at Woodstock Inn. If you want to mingle with the rest of the guests, the common areas are always open with a lounge area and large fireplace. Enjoy being just seconds away from the slopes and the fun skiing action.

Hotels Located Off the Mountain

If you want to choose to stay off the mountain when searching for Suicide Six lodging, then you can make the most use of these hotel and inn options nearby. With just a few miles to drive, you can get up and grab breakfast before heading out to the high flying action that the slopes provide at the resort.

The Comfort Inn provides everyone with a way to have that at-home feeling, but while being away from home. With comfortable, clean beds and large televisions; you can relax after a long day. Near many local restaurants in the area, you can grab a bite to eat whenever you’d like or call out to one of the many delivery places for something to be sent in and up to your room.

The Sunset Motor Inn provides everyone with a comfortable place to lay their heads. They have since remodeled the hotel and are welcoming guests that want smaller, to larger rooms for their vacation time away from home. Just a few miles from the mountain, it is a quick drive back to the slopes.

Enjoy all that Suicide Six provides you with when it comes to spending some time on the slopes, exploring the area and spending time within the hotel or lodge that you choose to stay in. When it comes to all of the Suicide Six lodging options, you can ask to find out if they provide their guests with a Ski and Stay package. This package can provide you with a way to get further discounts when skiing at the resort in the area.